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About the Northfield Junior Firefighters
In the early 1990's a now former Northfield Firefighter by the name of Jim Lake reactivated the Fire Department's youth program to what is now known as the Northfield Junior Firefighters. This organization has seen many youth over the years. Some of which went on to be firefighters themselves.

When Jim Lake moved on, he turned the reins over to Firefighter, Mark Fortier and his wife Jill. Together they continued to educate the youth of our fire department. The Junior Firefighters learned about the departments equipment and how it is used. Additionally, trips were often taken to other area fire stations to see how they operate.

In 2007, Mark and Jill took on new responsibilities by running the EMT's organization in town. At that point Northfield Firefighters, Dave Adams, Rob Hunter and Matt Shippa (also a former Junior firefighter), took on the duties of leading the Junior organization.

The Juniors march along with the Northfield Fire Department each September in the annual Emergency Services parade during the Franklin County Fair. They also compete in the Fireman's Muster at the fairgrounds.

Today, the Northfield Junior Firefighters continue to learn about firefighting, participate in events and raise money for their organization to pay for uniforms and trips departments across the state. We have had car washes and held spaghetti dinners to help raise funds. Distributing weather alert radios for Vermont Yankee is also another fundraiser that we have participated in.

Our organization has also acquired two additional advisors, Tami Adams and former Junior Firefighter Chief, Amanda Dunnell who is also now a member of the Northfield Fire Department.

The Junior Firefighters of Northfield is for teenagers who are 13-18 years of age. These young men and women learn about firefighting as well as having fun. You will be able to have hands on experience, to a certain level, on how firefighting equipment is used.

You do not need to live in Northfield to be part of the organization.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Northfield Junior Firefighters, please contact Dave Adams
at (413) 376-4332, or by email.


Northfield Junior Firefighter Members


Jesse Adams
Junior Chief

Dan Chabot II
Junior Asst. Chief

Eric Cominoli
Junior Firefighter
Jacob Fuess
Junior Firefighter
Leah Fuess
Junior Firefighter
Matt Grover
Junior Firefighter
Mike Grover
Junior Firefighter
Allan Shedd
Junior Firefighter

Mitchell Waldron
Junior Firefighter

Dylan Woods
Junior Firefighter



Dave Adams
NFD Firefighter

Amanda Dunnell
NFD Firefighter

Jen Chabot



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Boston Fire Departments - 2007

Parade & Muster 2007-2008