This was our departments first motorized fire truck. It was purchased new in 1930. It was in an accident that same year on the way to a fire call. Our departments only firefighter to die in the line of duty, Donald Williams died of injuries from the accident.

During our 100th anniversary celebration, on August 15, 2004 a marker was dedicated to Donald Williams in his honor.

The Department acquired this Buffalo the following year to replace the Sanford. It served the town of Northfield for over 30 years.

After being replaced by newer vehicles, the Buffalo was used as a muster truck then eventually it was sold. During its time being stored it suffered a gargae fire.

Our department was lucky enough to find this same truck again and bring it back home to Northfield. Many of our firefighters put hard long hours into restoring it in time for the Northfield Fire Department's Centenial Celebration in 2004.
This was a dump truck converted into fire apparatus in 1939 by R.O. and R.K. Leach




Our department was in much need of a modern piece of fire appparatus. The need was recognized by the town and the decision was made to purchase the new engine.

On New Years Day, 1955 the Maxim was delivered to Northfield. Time was spent learning the operation of the new truck before offically being put into service later that month.




Our department purchased this truck to better serve the town when needing to reach high buildings. At the time, the Northfield Mount Hermon campus was fully operational and full of people.

This truck formerly served the Boston, Mass. Fire Department.

This truck was retired in 1998. It was replaced by our 1978 Young-Hendrickson, 100 foot ladder.

The "Duece" as it's known here at the station, has been one of our most valued trucks.

Being a former military tanker, It is an extremley rugged piece of equipment.

Over the years it began to show it's age and was replaced by a newer model, a 1982 AM General Tanker.

However, not all of it was retired. The doors, hood, cab roof and the front pump all now reside on the new tanker.

This truck was a former Military ambulance.

The truck served the town for many years. It was the carrier of all resuce equipment.

In late 2007 the truck was clearly showing it's age and was becoming unsafe to drive. In late 2007 it was retired.

Our department is in need of a new rescue truck. For now we have had to put all rescue equipment on our Engine 3.

In June 2008, the town voted on an override that would have given us the funds to purchase a newer truck. Sadly we lost by 18 votes.

We hope the people of Northfield realize the need for a newer truck.
Engine 3 was purchased by the town new in 1978. The truck was purchased from Maxim Motor Co. in Middleboro, MA. It served the town well for many years.

In late in 2007, the truck was modified to fit all of our rescue equipment when we retired our old Rescue truck. During that time it was known as Rescue 3.

Engine 3 was officially retired in 2010.

This truck was purchased new in 1972. It originally served as the departments Rescue vehicle. Over the years it was modified and then became our primary Brush truck.

Brush 1 was officially retired in 2011.


This Engine was purchased new in 1988 and served as our primary Engine until 2003.

This engine was purchased by our neighboring town of Warwick and continues to serve them well.