Below you will read stories told by the Northfield Fire Department. These were written by a local writer for us in celebration of our 100th Anniversary as a fire department in the summer of 2004. These are just a few of our most remembered moments in time.
    The Saddest Call
    The Night the Church Burned
    No Way Out
    About the Chief
    Fire Chiefs Wife Story
    The Red Phones
    The Coldest Fire
    Restoring The Buffalo
    Lighter Moments
    Fallen Firefighter Ceremony


(left to rt.) Marvin Holloway, Walter Anson, David Quinn, Sr., Edward Doolittle, Edward Davis, Fred Avery, Lt. Thomas Walker, Asst. Chief David Quinn, Jr., Capt. Thomas Holton, Edward M. Powell, Chief Floyd M. Dunnell, III, Fredd Fuller, Russell Hudson, Steve Malsch, John D. Ware, Dennis Williams, Thomas Newton, Lt. Rory Shippa, Lt. Jay Nelson, Don Morin, Kevin Connelly.

On top of truck, sitting: David Adams, Michael Quinn, Jeffery Grover, Robert Hunter, Scott Milton; standing: Peter Sibley, John Otto, Andrew Boyden, Jeremy Underwood.

Missing from photo: Mark Fortier, Mark McDonough, Gregory Williams, James Winn.